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Environmental Policy Statement

ECE will control and manage its activities and programmes responsibly to preserve environmental and social resources ensuring risks to the health safety and welfare of its employees, customers and the general public are identified and action is taken to minimise or eliminate the effects wherever possible.

ECE actively respects the different communities, places and cultures that we visit and where possible actively integrating or supporting them. Our programmes can be a great boost or support to the local communities in which we operate. We endeavour to use local providers – many are family owned and managed, we encourage our programmes to positively explore the local environment and to support and immerse within the local community.

This philosophy has enabled us to grow with the communities in which we operate, providing community immersion and interaction within many of our programmes whilst acting and behaving in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

The objectives of the policy are:
• To comply with its legal obligations under the current Health, Safety and Welfare Act and the Environmental Protection Act, together with all other applicable statutory provisions and relevant codes of practice.
• To promote health, safety and environmental awareness throughout the organisation and on our programmes.
• To maintain a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, with adequate facilities appropriate to the nature of the business activities.
• To minimise the social impact of the company activities and avoid damage to the environment through regular reviews of the programmes and business operations from environmental and management systems audits.
• To undertake environmental impact studies/considerations as part of any programme or product inclusion and in any company activity.

We are committed to continually review our environmental performance.